Fitness leads to Healthy Life

           Fitness relates to physical as well as mental health. Both the aspects are equally important for a healthy life of an individual. Fitness includes component such as flexibility, strength, body composition, cardiovascular, endurance, relaxation etc.


           Physical fitness is a state of health and well being and ability to perform various tasks of daily activities. Fitness is mainly achieved by proper nutrition, physical exercise and sufficient task. Also a proper daily routine is necessary.Fitness not only needs a routine, but a healthy routine in which nutrition you give to yourself is counted highly. One needs to choose the right food as good carbs, good protein and good fats.

Good Carbs

Instead taking processed carbs like white bread, white rice,eating the unrefined one is useful i.e whole grains, whole wheat, brown rice or any organic food that makes you for satisfied.

Good Protein

A major role in one’s nutrition is protein which helps for muscle strength and building. A processed food is not a good source of protein instead you get more carbs and sodium from it which is not healthy. A good protein source includes preparing real meat(eg- chicken, fish,egg) and all for vegeterians can include sprouts, paneer etc. Protein helps in muscle reparing.

Good Fats

Don’t be scared of eating fats. These are good fats-> unsaturated ones includes monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, that help reduce heart disease and lower the cholesterol level.For information, bad fats includes the saturated fats and trans fat that increase the risk of heart disease and can make risk of cancer.

              One needs to maintain a healthy nutrition in their lifestyle. Also need to maintain a good mental healthy by meditation, yoga, exercise, etc. Physical health is important to release the toxic from body but mental health is also equally important. One needs to be in relax state of mind, not to take any unnecessary stress which can lead to call diseases!

            To add up, one can also be concious about fitness, after all we are humans! We have cravings! We like to hangout with our close ones in weekends! Also keeping that in mind, we can chill but we should also know our limits, instead sugar we can choose honey and so on.                     

             Healthy food is highlighted to just keep in mind that healthy lifestyle will keep you in long run! So keeping in mind that we need to mediate, exercise, do yoga, relax, be stressfree, include healthy nutrition and once a while we can cheat also afterall we are humans! 

             Always remember, YOUR BODY CAN MIND ALMOST EVERYTHING. ITS’S YOUR MIND THAT NEED TO BE CONVINCED!!! Also a proper hygiene is very important in one’s life. As we know about the COVID-19, we need to take precautions everytime. Wash your hands frequently, wear masks, maintain social distance and keep yourself always hydrated! 



                          #STAYFITSTAYPOSITIVE!!                         #STAYHOMESTAYSAFE!!

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