Mini Project in C++ – Report Card Management System


Report Card making System

          A topic of Mini Project in C++ is Report Card Making System. Many of IT students wants to make project in C++ i.e in Turbo C software. Download Turbo C++ Software and run the project of Report Card Making System. I will provide you a code of C++ link given below after the description of Project.

          Report Card making system is a project in which you can make the report card of students of any terms. This system allows admin to enter, search, update, append the roll number, name and marks of students. It also allows you to sort the names in ascending order according to roll number wise. It also shows the list of student who failed in subjects. Percentage and Grade will be auto update according to marks given.

Steps of how project will work-

  1. Select the Term of your Choice –

2. By selecting any term you will get these options –


3. Select a ‘Make Report Card’ –


4. Select a ‘View Report Card – 


5. Select a ‘List of failures’ –


6. Select a ‘Search a Name’ –


7. Select a ‘Sort names’ –


Download code from this link –

Report Card Making System.cpp

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