Best Freelancer Jobs from Website

Best Freelancer Jobs from Website

Twine is a freelancing website which provides best freelancer jobs in which many freelancer can sell their services to your clients through It provides jobs for many people across the world so that they can earn money online in dollar. Many people find difficult to find their clients and how to sell their services. So website is a best platform for those people who wants to find their clients easily and sell your services. You can offer your charges according to your quality based of your product o service.

Make awesome content so that customer wants to buy services from you like Logo design, illustration, Explainer videos for any particular subject, courses, website, topics etc, web design, Branding, Music Production etc.

Be an agent and sell things to client.


Companies like Cocacola, Disney, MTv, Muppets, Nokia, Star Wars, BBC, Fox, Telegraph, TC, TheDrum, and the Huffington Post. These are the companies who invest and provide services to their clients. These are the companies who offer works to whom they register in website.

Sign in with

1.     Go to google and open website

2.     Click on I’m a freelancer button

3.     Click on Sign up

4.     Enter username, email address, password and click on checkbox of ‘’I m a freelancer”.

5.     Click on Submit

6.     Click on Confirm Email Address button from your mail for verification.

7.     New window will open infront of you.

8.     Click on Edit Portfolio

9.     Enter your details properly and correctly so that twine can provide you work according to your interest and specialization in that field.

10. Enter your bio which will be your description like Designer, developer, musician, filmmaker and general etc.

11. Click on Done.

12. Click on Manage Uploads

13. You need to upload samples of logo designing, video editing, image editing or any of your interest or specialized which you want to offer your services to your client. According to that, upload your samples so that clients can see your talent and give order to you.

14. Click on choose file and upload your sample project.

15. Enter Project Title, Project Description, hastags and role of your project.

16. Click on Publish and OK


17. Now website will promote your profile so that clients can give you order. website provides best freelancer Jobs like

Business & Startup –

  •        Account manager

Digital Marketing

·       Branding

·       Copywriter


·       Product Design

Graphic Design

·       Graphic Designer

·       Illustration

·       Illustrator

·       Logo


·       Photoshop Editor

App & Web Development

·       App Developer

·       Back-End Developer

·       Front-End Developer

·       Game Designer

·       Game Developer

·       Programmer

·       UX Designer

·       Web Design


·       Web Developer


·       Audio Engineer

·       Lyricist

·       Mastering Engineer

·       Mixing Engineer

·       Music Composer

·       Music Editor

·       Music Producer

·       Music Video

·       Musician

·       Rap Artist

·       Singer

·       Songwriter

·       Sound Designer

·       Studio Manager

·       Violinist


·       Vocalist

Video & Animation

·       3D Model

·       Actor

·       Animation

·       Choreographer

·       Cinematographer

·       Corporate Video

·       Costume Designer

·       Creative Diector

·       Dancer

·       Explainer Video

·       Film Director

·       Motion Graphic Designer

·       Photographer

·       Presenter

·       Screenplay Writer

·       Script

·       Videographer

·       Writer

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