How to Make Money from Fiverr 2020

How to Make Money From Fiverr 2020

Many students in lockdown are searching for online jobs or any ways to earn money online. Some are doing courses or preparing for entrance exams or those who have lost jobs in lockdown. They all earn money from fiverr side by side. You all can grow your small business through fiverr. Candidate can sell their product or services online through fiverr. To start your business online you need to have one of the 7 skills which will be discussed here. Before discussing about those skills you need to register yourself in Fiverr.

Sign Up and Register yourself in Fiverr

·       Go to Google and type

·       Sign in with your email address or connect yourself through Facebook or Google. If you are already a member then sign into website.


·       Click on Become a Seller and find your suitable services which you can sell through fiverr

Set up your Fiverr Business Profile

·       Your Fiver Business profile should be attractive or eye catching so that local or reputed company can buy services from you. Keep in mind that your profile should be unique and real.

·       Add business professional picture of yourself to your profile.

·       Verify your email via profile.

·       Write about yourself and what kind of services you are offering for.


·       Mention about your charges details to sell any services

7 Skills to earn money from Fiverr


1.     Copywriting – Copywriting Business is a kind of freelancing business. Make unique and Google friendly article of more than 1500 words. You can sell this articles for dollars. If you have a talent of writing SEO friendly articles about any topic which company ask you to write. Company will pay you according to your payment. People from fiverr earn $10 for 200 words. You can charge according to your talent.

Copywriting includes make unique content for their website and write SEO friendly articles. Engage the audience, include interesting and shareable content, google friendly articles, avoid plagiarism etc. Must include real content for real people with real engagement. Gain trust from your buyers and audience. So that they can deal with you in future.

2.     Sales Funnels –  A sales funnel is a visual representation journey from your prospects first contact with you until a completed purchase. People earn $50-$500 per month by providing services of sales funnel. Make such convincing visual representation so that customers can buy company products instantly. People who work in Sales funnels should have to keep awareness and discovery of products, researching solutions and making an educated purchase decision.

3.     Social Media Marketing – If you have a lots of traffic in your Social Media including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest, Quora, Twitter, Telegram and many other platforms in which ypu can grow other business and charge them as per traffic. You can promote other company’s advertisements, websites, youtube  channel, products, services, brands in social media. This is called as Social media Marketing.

4.     Graphic Design – Graphic Designer can make Logos of any product, services, websites, company, shop owner like coffee shop, McDonalds, product imaging, editing, photoshop using  indesign, Adobe illustrator applications. People earn money $5-$1000 per month through this business.

5.     Lead Generation – Lead Generation is one of the main business among all these skills. You can provide job application, blog posts, coupons for free online courses and earn money from coupon code, live events like concerts, DJ, party etc and online content like selling ecommerce products etc. Make massive income from this source and get an experience.

6.     Voice Acting –Grow your business through your voice acting. You can earn more money from this service online by showing your voice talent. Sell your voice recording in radio, phone calls, story teller for advertisement, demo video, brand, product, commercial website etc. Requirements for providing this service include microphone. Charge them as per your talent and build trust from audience so that you can increase your charges.

7.      Email marketing – Email Marketing means to create clickable email signature for company. Register yourself in Email Marketing services. People create attractive and unique clickable signature using Google Docs. Must include Company Name, company logo, regards, short information and social logo and links of company’s  facebook, instagram, twitter, linkedin, youtube etc. 

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