Web and Graphic Design Jobs Online using DesignCrowd website

Web and Graphic Design Jobs Online using Design Crowd website

Designcrowd.com is an international freelancer website.  This website provides Web and Graphic Design Jobs Online. Many people across the world are earning from this website Logo design and graphics design. This website is beneficial for both clients and services. Client will get varieties of designers who can choose one designer which can fulfill his needs for any logo or web page design. It is most beneficial who offer service to their clients who can showcase their talent toward their work and can earn money in dollars.

Designers by type are –

Logo Designers, Business Card Designers, Graphic Designers, Web Designers, Flyer Designers, T-shirt Designers, Photoshop Designers, Stationery Designers, Packaging designers, Brochure Designers, Photographers, Illustration Designers, Poster Designers and Postcard Designers.

Designers services are –

  1. Logo Design – Logo Design is also called as Graphic Design. It is form of visual representation or communication and problem solving through the use of typography, photography, iconography and illustration.

     2.     Business Card Design – A small card identifying a person in connection with his or her business, provides to a client and potential customer etc. the wording, texture and color of your business card have a lot to do with its appeal and its ability to convey your company image.

        3.   Web Design – Web Design is a designing of your freelancing website includes theme selection, customization of your websites, website structure, website layout, content production, logo of a particular website, header, footer etc.

         4.    Flyer Design – Flyer Design is also called as Pamphlet. A Pamphlet is a kind of paper advertisement intented for wide distribution, given to every individuals or sent through email for invitation or for business purpose.

        5.     T-shirt Design – T-shirt Design is also called as T-shirt Printing or Screen Printing. It is a popular way of designing to add a personal touch to a t-shit and easily recognizable types of clothing. A design include images, pictures, words, logos, art or slogans.

Companies offer Web and Graphi design Jobs -

Companies like Absolute Country of Sweden Vodka, Yahoo, Microsoft, htc quietly brilliant, Unicef, Amnesty International, Spotify, Virqin, Tech crunch, Tnw and Smart company will provide work to those who are registered as a freelancer.



Sign up with designcrowd.com website

1.     Go to Google and type url www.designcrowd.com

2.     Go down and you will get two options like ‘I need a design created’ and ‘I want to work’.

3.     You have to click second option i.e ‘I want to work’.

4.     Sign up as enter your email address and password.

5.     Click on Let’s Go

6.     A window will appear infront of you i.e ‘ Create your Design profile’

7.     Enter username, your name, surname, country and attach your PayPal account. If not created then install paypal saving account so that after done with the work, your earning will get transferred in your account.

8.     Click on button ‘Create and Continue’.

9.     There are more than 1000 Open Design Jobs in this website.

10. Enter Full Name, Phone Number, Address, city, state, Postal code, country and then click on Update Details.

11. Then Complete your ‘Profile Completeness’.

12. Tell us what type of creative you are – choose the option how creative you are.

13. Add your professional picture in your profile.

14. Fill all the details in ‘public profile’.

15. Review and accept the DesignCrowd quality standards- open and click on Accept button.

16. Verification mail has been mailed to your gmailid.

17. Click on Confirm your email address.

18. Then Submit your first sample design.

19. Your Profile of DesignCrowd website has been completed.

20. Now you are ready to earn from this website.



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