12 Best Free, Safe, and Legal Alternative Sites Like Netflix

12 Best Free, Safe, and Legal Alternative Sites Like Netflix

Netflix is famous for its wide variety of shows and movies in a ton of genres, so that’s where we’re starting out: general streaming services and sites like Netflix where you can find just about any type of content you want to see.

Alternative Sites like Netflix –

1. The Roku Channel

The Roku channel
 is a completely free streaming service with a relatively light number of ads and a few “real world” networks available, like live streaming from ABC News. If you have a Roku streaming player, you can watch shows free right on your TV, but you don’t need a Roku to access the channel—you can easily just visit it in your browser and sign up to enjoy from there.

Content is organized by genre—adventure, comedy, fantasy, sci-fi, etc—to help you find what you’re in the mood to watch. Through Roku, you can also pay for premium subscriptions to channels like HBO and Showtime.


Unless you add a premium channel, you probably won’t be catching the latest episodes of every show or all the latest hit movies on The Roku Channel, but you will be able to find a variety of content fairly easily without being constantly interrupted by ads.

2. Vudu (Runner Up in Movies)

Vudu sites like netflix once was just a marketing ploy by Walmart to go with DVDs and Blu-Rays purchased at their stores. However, with time, it’s grown to be one of the bigger streaming services out there, with a pretty decent selection of free options.


Wal-Mart is now taking steps to ensure that their service remains stocked with quality films that you can watch for free (as long as you’re willing to deal with the ads—it’s pretty par for the course).

3. SnagFilms (General Runner Up)

SnagFilms is not as major of a player as the other general-purpose streaming sites mentioned here. But while the service doesn’t offer the same amount of selections as, say, Tubi or Vudu, there’s still a good amount of quality content.

You’ll find documentaries, slightly older films, comedy shorts, campy horror, foreign movies, and a collection of shows (mostly curated from programs like Discovery and National Geographic).


SnagFilms supports itself the same way most of the other services listed here do: ad revenue. However, much like Vudu and Tubi, the ads are fairly short and aren’t super intrusive. Plus, you don’t even have to create an account to watch SnagFilms content.

4. Tubi (General Best Option)

Tubi is easily one of the best places to catch free shows online, and they also have an impressive movie selection. Tubi is often called the free alternative to Netflix, and for good reason: not only can you watch many of the same shows that Netflix has, but there are a number of great movies and shows available on the service that you wouldn’t be able to find on either Netflix or Hulu. (And you can tell they’re proud of it, because they literally have a category labeled “Not on Netflix.”)


Other categories on Tubi include comedy, drama, action, docuseries, family movies, cult classics, and many more. You won’t always find the newest and most popular shows, but if you can wait until the hype train leaves the station, you’ll get to practice the skill of delayed gratification too.

5. Popcornflix (Movies, TV, Free)

It’s easy to think that a site with a name like “PopcornFlix” sites like netflix
might not be legitimate—after all, we’ve all done the hopeful “stream movies
online free” Google search and found a bunch of sketchy sites with names like
“123movies” or “popcorn1mov.co.za.” Fortunately, 
PopcornFlix is indeed one of the
legit ways to watch movies for free online.

That said, you aren’t going to find a lot of  familiar stuff on here. But, you will find a collection of cult classics, indie films, ribald comedies, low-budget sci-fi, and things of that ilk. Like Netflix, they even produce original shows of their own.



6. Pluto TV

It’s easy to think that a site with a name like “PopcornFlix” might not be legitimate—after all, we’ve all done the hopeful “stream movies online free” Google search and found a bunch of sketchy sites with names like “123movies” or “popcorn1mov.co.za.” Fortunately, PopcornFlix is indeed one of the legit ways to watch movies for free online.

There’s something to be said for the traditional television experience—the way you can just flip through channels and see what’s on without having to put much thought into it. Pluto TV brings you that experience absolutely free with a selection of different channels ranging across a number of topics.

A Movies channel provides you a number of new films updated every month, while other channels focus on niche interests in order to provide a little something for everyone.

Are you a fan of true crime? There’s a channel for that.

Documentaries? A channel for that as well.

You can scroll through all the channels at the bottom of the Pluto home screen. The other bonus of Pluto is far fewer ads than you would get while watching traditional television.

With all of that said, Pluto TV offers a fairly unique experience compared to the other sites on this list. If you’re looking for something simple in the background while you do something else, or looking to broaden your horizons and watch TV in a more “traditional” way without paying anything, Pluto TV provides an excellent option.


7. PBS Kids (Kid Friendly Shows)

If you have kids, I’ll include one for them too! PBS Kids sites like netflix makes a number of wholesome shows available for your child to watch, full of teachable moments. They can watch whatever’s on live, or choose classic shows like Arthur and Curious George.  

8. PBS Online (Public Sector Entertainment)

PBS has done a huge amount of work in terms of producing high-quality programming to entertain and educate the public. If you remember watching show like Cosmos, This Old House, and America’s Test Kitchen, these experiences can still be available to you for free.

While PBS doesn’t have their entire catalog on the internet, they do have a massive number of free documentaries and television series for you to watch on their website via PBS Online or on their app. You can become a WHYY Passport member to expand your access, but this requires a monthly donation.

9. Classic Cinema Online

Are you a fan of old films? Maybe a noir junkie? Classic Cinema Online has you covered, with a large selection of old movies to keep you busy for a long time to come. The site is fairly low-frills, but is fully legit and is supported by ads.


You´ll only find classic cinema here—but who says that’s a bad thing? Within the niche, the site offers enough films to keep your weekends occupied for years, whether you’re wanting drama, comedy, horror, or even musicals.

10. Viewster (Oddball Categories)

On Viewster, you’ll find a few more niche categories. The ad-supported site makes a point of giving the user access to fairly specific categories of entertainment, like Korean dramas and anime. These sorts of niche categories can be difficult to find elsewhere, so Viewster aims to provide a service by offering a huge number of different programming options.

11. Locast (Local Channels Without the Antenna )



If you’re looking for a place where you can catch your local TV channels free online, then you just might have an option in Locast if you live in one of several different major metropolitan areas. Users in Washington D.C., New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Baltimore, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, and Denver all are able to watch their local channels without an antenna or a television. Catch local news and sports games right from the comfort of your own home.

12. Top Documentary Films

If you’re a documentary buff looking for a more focused selection of free documentaries online, then try Top Documentary Films, self-described as “the world’s greatest documentary library.”

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